Welcome to the story of Promethean Mixed Martial Arts!

Hello! I’m Patrick McKinnon. I started my martial arts journey in 2010 when I was at University. I was a 'large' teenager who thought I was a bit of a ‘tough guy’ due to years of rugby and lifting heavy weights. How wrong I was!

It was during your typical teenage boy wrestling moment with a friend that I was nearly choked unconscious. Humbled was the word...Now it wasn’t someone of equal size or strength. This was a wiry 66-70kg Judoka named Martin King! I was on top in his guard (not that I knew what guard was) and he somehow transitioned me into a triangle. Before I knew it, the darkness at the sides of my vision started to close in, much like the ending credits of an old movie. I tapped before 'going out' and then sat wondering what the hell had just happened. How had this smaller opponent defeated me with such ease?! Feeling pretty embarrassed I decided that I wanted to learn whatever Martial Art had defeated me so effortlessly; so I joined the Tayside Judo club for a couple of months and ended up getting my red belt. However, my judo career didn’t last very long as I ended up changing gyms and thus my overall journey.

Which lead me to starting at Dundee Mixed Martial Arts under the tutelage of Billy BeckersFenrir Thorvaldsen & Euan Sloane. I learned the fundamentals of wrestling, nogi & gi based jiu-jitsu and stand up fighting. I spent 4 years training in Dundee until I relocated briefly to Aberdeenshire where I was introduced to Muay Thai and the difference in teaching styles by other coaches at Titans Academy. From there I ended up in Slough of all places and training at a great facility run by Paul Busby and his host of coaches: Genesis Martial Arts in Marlow! I took part in some traditional kickboxing, Muay Thai and BJJ classes throughout my time there, soaking up as much knowledge as possible. 

Eventually I found myself back in East Lothian where I grew up as a child. I noticed there was a distinct lack of local martial arts gyms in the East Lothian area that covered a mix of martial arts; Mixed Martial Arts, Wrestling, Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, Muay Thai etc under one roof. The closest gyms that offered this service where based in Edinburgh. Add the time and cost of travel with a typically expensive monthly membership and I would have been bleeding cash and coming home at stupid O clock most nights.

I wanted to create something where people could come to learn grappling and striking or both under one roof. I liked the idea of someone coming in for a kickboxing class and ends up grappling the next week as another student has told them it’s really fun. I get the most enjoyment out of teaching my students and helping them improve on and off the mats! 


As of January 2019, Promethean Mixed Martial arts became an affiliate academy of Shooters MMA; one of Europe's biggest fight teams!

So, if you’re interested in starting martial arts, improving your health and well-being or just getting fit then hit the message button below and let me help start your journey today!

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